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Monkey Album Out 18.08.08
Which Character Are You?

Take the quiz below to find out Which Character from Monkey: Journey To The West you are most like.

A vulnerable monk is about to start a dangerous journey and you must choose his companions. Do you choose...

A demon who loves the taste of human flesh.
An assortment of 4 characters that have all done bad things in the past but are now looking to change and find enlightenment.
Nobody. Let him go on his own.

You‘re the king of your species. You have unlimited power and riches. Are you...


What‘s your favourite weapon...

A magical rod, which can change shape and size.
A powerful rake, which can beat almost any opponent
A shovel, which is very strong and also useful for digging
You hate violence and don‘t like weapons.

You‘re very hungry. Your friend has told you to wait inside a protective force-field, while he goes to get food. A little girl comes up to you and offers some food. Do you...

Ignore the girl and wait for your friend to get back.
Leave the force-field and take the food.
Tell the girl to go away.

Tripitaka and Monkey travel from China to ‘the West‘. Which ‘West‘ do they travel to...

West Virginia

You‘re the Emperor of China, where rich men stay rich and poor men stay poor. You are rich. Do you...

Think that sounds great.
Want to change that.

There are four cakes on the table. You‘ve been told not to eat any. Do you...

Eat them all and blame someone else.
Leave them.
Eat two. Then cut the other two in half, so it looks like there‘s still four.

Tripitaka‘s Journey to the West was based on a real adventure.


What does ‘Tripitaka‘ mean...

Three baskets.
Three cups of tea.

You‘ve been given sacred scriptures by Buddha. Do you...

Keep them to yourself.
Share them with the world.
Ask Buddha for a different gift instead.